The agritourism is located in Santa Margherita Ligure (GE) in the monumental complex of Tower St. Joachim, an ancient ecclesiastic building (until a few years ago used as a summer residence of nuns) whose appearance is already reflected in a drawing of 1693 .

“La Mela Secca” combines an authentic dip into a little-known story to a rejuvenating experience, rich in typical flavors and full of suggestions.

The beautiful chapel, for instance: it was commissioned in 1613 by the somasco Andrea Contardo, who dedicated it to Saints Anne and Joachim, enriching it with refined plasterwork and a painting by Giovanni Battista Paggi.



The building is in an artistic and cultural itinerary promoted by the City of Santa Margherita Ligure:
the path makes the circumnavigation of the hills that surround the city, offering spectacular views of the bay of Tigullio. At short distance from Tower St. Joachim there is Villa Torre, a medieval fortress, and the almost millenary Church of San Lorenzo della Costa, where is the Chapel of St. Andrew (XV century) which hosts the Triptych of Bruges, a masterpiece of Flemish art probably commissioned by an influential person of the past, Andrea della Costa, to Hans Memling, and completed by a student.

But amazing, for beauty and prestige, is the martyrdom of San Lorenzo too, attributed to the Genoese artist Luca Cambiaso (about 1575).



Tower St. Joachim belongs to a setting that inspired poets, artists and philosophers, including, above all, Friedrich Nietzsche. Here’s how the German philosopher recognized the debt of his thinking towards the landscape that – thanks to Nando Di Martino – has in Mela Secca its guardian:

“The following winter (1882) I was living near Genoa, in the quiet and pretty bay of Rapallo, located between Chiavari and the promontory of Portofino. (…) My Zarathustra was born during that winter. (…)

In The morning I went to south, going up the beautiful road of Zoagli, in midst of pine trees, with the wide expanse of sea below me; in the afternoon, all the times my health allowed it, I made the rounds of the bay of Santa Margherita, coming up behind Portofino. (…)

On these two roads the first Zarathustra came to me, and especially the kind of Zarathustra: more exactly, came over me … “. F.Nietzsche , and especially the very nature of Zarathustra: more exactly, he came over me … “. F.Nietzsche

On the border between Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure, the bed and breakfast is a great base to explore the bays of Tigullio and Paradise, indulging in a game of golf at the exclusive club of Rapallo, in a happy hour in the little square of Portofino, in an excursion to San Fruttuoso of Capodimonte, in the heart of the Park of Portofino, in an evening walk in the enchanted setting of Camogli. Or to taste the culinary specialties of Recco like the famous Focaccia with Cheese.

And Genoa, with its noble palaces, its aquarium, its old port, its museums and its old town, the oldest in Europe, is only 30km away!