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italian tyipcal restaurant

There is a type of local cuisine that represents the most authentic chapter of the culinary history of Italian Riviera.

What makes the interpretation of “Nando” Di Martino so special are his origins, in part related to the Amalfi coast: combining the brilliance of the Neapolitan cuisine with the quality of local ingredients and the delicacy of the Ligurian cuisine, “La Mela Secca” is became an italian typical cuisine renowned for some dishes such as liver pate to spread on homemade bread, rolls of eggplant stuffed with italian mozzarella and tomato, the genoese “ravioli” filled with “prebugiun” (mixture of 14 wild herbs), typically accompanied by extra virgin oil of own production, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.

Trofie with pesto – a dish renowned of Genoese cuisine – rabbit cooked in ligurian style, mushrooms and potatoes, fillet, chicken in lemon sauce complete a proposal that culminates with fried apples, dessert “cult” of the restaurant, or other homemade desserts.


Seasonal Appetizers

First course

Ravioli filled with wild grasses

Trofie with genoese Pesto

Pasta and bean soup

Tagliatelle with mushroom sauce *

Tortelli filled with pumpkin *

Taglierini with artichokes sauce *

Potato dumplings homemade*

Main Courses

Rabbit cooked in Ligurian style

Mushrooms and potatoes

Chicken flavored with Lemon

Meatballs of Aunt Pina *

Artichokes pie *

Lamb with Potatoes *

Lamb chops “Scottadito” *

Slices of Veal Roast

Sliced fillet


Fried apples

Fresh Pineapple

Homemade pie

Ice cream with Forest Fruit

Tiramisu Homemade

* Products available according to the season


Spring / Summer: every day for dinner, Sunday for lunch too.
Autumn/ Winter: Saturday for finner, Sunday and other holidays for lunch (except for the periods of closure for holidays or for renovations).
N.B: Reservation is required

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